About SecurePlan.com

About SecurePlan.com

SecurePlan.com is a free online service for owners of Palo Alto Software products.* SecurePlan.com makes it easy to share your plans with the people you trust and the people you need to succeed in business

Palo Alto Software products can publish documents directly to SecurePlan.com. The SecurePlan.com Wizard makes it easy – you can have your plan online in less than a minute. Select File >> Send to >> SecurePlan.com from the File menu and follow the wizard-guided instructions to publish your plan. Part of the service includes a unique domain name for your plan – this makes it a lot easier for you to share the location of your plan.


No other planning software offers the power to upload, synchronize, or send a digital copy of your plan from a secure website.

Is SecurePlan.com Safe?
Yes! No one, except the users that you authorize, will have access to your plan on SecurePlan.com. That includes all Palo Alto Software employees. You have complete control over access to your plan.

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*2002/Version 6 Editions and newer only.